Meet Mishka, my cat! He is a Russian Blue, and we adopted him about 10 years ago. He's awesome unless I drag him on camera, then he is pretty grumpy.

When we first adopted him from the shelter, he didn't really have a name and didn't respond to any names they've given him. So we named him Mishka. It only took him a couple of months, but he learned his name and will respond with a meow when we call him, and he'll come over.

He also learned the words "treats" and "chicken". Even if we mention those in a casual conversation around the house, his ears perk up and he'll meow at us like "TREATS!?!? I WANT SOME!"

Most of the days he spends lounging on the couch, and every once in a while he'll throw up a hairball on the carpet. You know, just a typical cat! If you want to see more of Mishka, check out my Twitter as I frequently post photos and videos of him there!